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Raising the music bar, VINS RECORD has signed an amazing catalogue of artists since its inception in 2020. The musicians that VINS RECORD represents speak not only to a new generation of fans, but tap into the old-school era. The Northeast Asia India based Music Label prides itself on working with the brightest musical talents. Check out our services and join with us.

We’re always pushing ourselves to be the very best, whether it’s arranging live onstage performances or putting the pieces together in the recording studio. Have a look at what respected members of the music industry are saying about our work and its impact on the CITY music scene.

VDM Clients
Recording Studio
Music Recording
Music Recording
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Interior Designing
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Working Woman
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Levin Kathar

Founder/ CEO

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Solira Deyan

Client Management

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Dan Mitchell

Assistant Manager

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Michael Jolus

Music Management

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Noah Patterson

Web Designer/Maintenance

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Menila Voisun

Financial Management

Next Level Recording

At Vins Record, we offer an extensive list of services like Music Distribution and Music Licensing for both artistic and commercial clients. From short music productions to entire film scores, all of our productions are mixed with the highest-quality sound engineering and equipment as well as the most talented experts in the industry. Listen to examples of our work , and get in touch with us to start recording your music today.

Client & Personal Projects

We don’t just make music - we create timeless productions. All of our tracks are composed by our professional producers in our state of the art studio. We create some truly amazing pieces for all of our clients, and you could be next. Try our services  and get in touch with us if you like what you hear.

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